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Tinsel Time

Faux Effects® Products:

White SetCoat®
White on White Venetian Gem®
Palette Deco™ Clear
Designer Foil Size™
Wondering Leaf StencilFX™
Designer FoilFX™ Tinsel
Designer FoilFX™ Silver Column Hologram

Tools & Supplies:

Roller and Pan
4” Chip Brush
6-10” Wallpaper Brush
Small Styrene Trowel
Stencil Brush
Painters Tape
4” Sponge brush
Cheese Cloth

Step 1 - Roll 2 coats of White SetCoat® onto the surface. Allow to dry for 24-48 hours.

Step 2 - Using a 4” chip brush, apply a heavy coat of White on White Venetian Gem® vertically and while wet, drag the wallpaper brush through the Venetian Gem® creating a striae effect. (Work in manageable sections so that the plaster does not dry before dragging through it with the wallpaper brush.) Allow to dry overnight.

Step 3 - Apply Palette Deco™ Clear in the same manner as the White Venetian Gem® and allow overnight dry time. This will build up the striae finish and give it visual dimension.

Step 4 - Place the stencil where desired and secure with painters tape.

Step 5 - Using the small styrene trowel, apply a medium to heavy coat of Palette Deco™ Clear through the stencil, remove the stencil while product is still wet and clean gently but thoroughly with warm soapy water. Let finish dry thoroughly. Note: Removing the stencil after the Palette Deco™ has dried can tear the stencil pattern.

Step 6 - Apply Designer Foil Size™ with sponge brush or chip brush in a vertical direction following striae and also over the stencil pattern. Let dry to a tack.

Step 7 - Place the Designer FoilFX™ Tinsel onto the tacky surface (foil side up) keeping the pattern vertical. Gently rub over it with the clean and dry cheesecloth releasing the foil. Continue this process until entire board is covered.

Step 8 - Replace the stencil and pounce on more Designer Foil Size™ through it using a stencil brush. Remove stencil and let dry to a tack.

Step 9 - Apply Designer FoilFX™ Column Hologram to the raised stencil pattern. Place the foil in varying directions to break up foil pattern.

Finish Courtesy of:

Faux Effects International, Inc.

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