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Giving Back: The Caring Place Project

The death of a loved one is difficult for anyone, but it is especially hard on younger family members. Losing someone important leaves many children feeling alone in their grieving process. It is the mission of The Highmark Caring Place in Wexford, PA to make sure these children receive needed support services, free of charge. This year, The Caring Place participated in the “Illuminating Hope” campaign, which began in August and runs through November 2017. Area volunteers, employees and community partners were invited to create butterflies decorated with messages of hope and encouragement that would be placed on a lighted backdrop forming two large murals.

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One of the community members contacted about the Illuminating Hope project was Anna Marie Ladavet, a decorative artist in Pittsburg, PA. A few years ago Anna Marie had experienced a personal tragedy involving a child in her own family, so she was eager to help when her aunt contacted her about the organization. Anna Marie was asked specifically to create a backdrop that would appear to be a night sky, making the butterflies appear even more light and bright. She recently saw a video about the new Galaxy Stone® product from Faux Effects®. After seeing the subtle sparkle and reading the description, she felt this would be the perfect way to create her vision.

When Anna Marie contacted Rachel Sandor-VanHouten of Faux Effects International Inc. about this important project, Faux Effects® was happy to donate SetCoat®, Galaxy Stone® and Galaxy Glitter™. Anna Marie used a combination of Black and Blue SetCoat® for the base color. Over this she rolled two layers of Navy Galaxy Stone® and added Galaxy Glitter™ for that extra twinkle in the night sky. The final result was just what Anna Marie envisioned—just enough sparkle to highlight the butterflies of remembrance for a passed loved one.


The finished displays traveled through Pittsburgh, Lemoyne, Warrendale and Erie, PA at several hospital sites leading up to Children’s Grief Awareness Day on November 16th.

“I felt very privileged to work with this project," says Anna Marie. “Loss effects everyone in this world, but giving back affects your growth. Faux Effects® has touched my world as well, so I’m grateful I can use my talents and the donation from Faux Effects® to create something beautiful and meaningful.”

We are thankful that Anna Marie included us in this project and grateful for artful finishes that show hope always shines a little brighter.

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